Sectional Hat Drafting Workshop - July 11th

Join our resident Milliner Sheila, and take your hat making skills to the next level. Learn how to draft a sectional piece like those used in baseball cap construction. With the information provided, you will be able to make crowns for custom sized sectional hats for your family and friends (and yourself too, of course)
This is a "crown only" workshop, you will not leave with a finished hat but will be able to turn out a new baseball cap and a few other styles with your new skills. 
Taught by Sheila Moore

Thursday July 11th 10am - 4pm

We provide Coffee, Tea & Snacks 

Supplies you will need to bring along:

  • notebook 
  • pencil and sharpener and eraser
  • protractor
  • grid ruler
  • paper scissors
  • calculator/smartphone
  • your sewing machine in good working order :)
  • 1/2 yard plain cotton or muslin for mock-ups
  • thread