Pretty Pillowcase Workshop - February 20th

Pillowcases make the perfect, unique gift for birthdays, Easter, Mother's Day or any personal occasion. Customize your fabric combination for someone special or treat yourself and spiff up your room with some fresh linens. They are also a great idea in kid's fabrics: a special bedroom or sleepover accessory!

You will finish one pillowcase in this workshop but some people get through two. Here are the fabric requirements for one pillowcase - mixing and matching is part of the fun...

  • 24" by width of the fabric (wof) for the main portion
  • 13.5" by wof for the cuff
  • 5" by wof for the accent strip
  • thread to match your fabric

...and don't forget to bring your sewing machine

Thursday February 20th 10am - 1pm

Taught by Sylvia Gamble

Tea Coffee & Snacks