10" x 10" Omnigrip Non-Slip Ruler


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We use these Omnigrip non-slip rulers everyday in the shop and they are indispensable for your quilting and crafting projects!

  • this 10" x 10" square ruler is ideal for cutting, squaring and setting 10" blocks
  • the heavy duty acrylic has a special non-slip surface to help keep your ruler still and in place for precise measuring and cutting
  • measurements are in a patented neon green and black so you can see them when working on both light or dark fabrics  
  • 45° diagonal lines for triangle cuts, markings for half-squares and quarter-square triangles
  • with it's unique numbering and angle system, it is designed for right handers or left handers
  • for use with rotary cutters like our Olfa Splash Rotary Cutter