Learn to Quilt - Hand Piecing with Accuracy - Postponed

Learn to Quilt with Accuracy by Hand and take your new skills in any creative direction you like.

This nine week course is designed to teach you all the technical aspects of assembling a Sampler Quilt, by Hand with Accuracy. That means we will do all our sewing by Hand, as we learn to create the shapes you run into when creating many quilt blocks. These include squares, rectangles, half square triangles, quarter square triangles, curves, diamonds, hexagons and we'll learn some appliqué.

It is much simpler than it looks and Math is not a problem! The peaceful act of hand stitching is making a comeback in a movement called “Slow Stitching”. It gives us a closer connection with the process, the fabric and the finished product. Therefore making it more enjoyable and joyful.

Taught by Lucy Anne Holliday 

New Dates to be confirmed

Coffee, Tea & Snacks Included :)