Handmade Holidays - Wool Mittens - October 25th

You're probably motivated, like we are, to make more and buy less; especially around the holidays. This series of workshops is designed to help you do just that. We have workshops featuring hand made gifts, holiday decorations, wrapping ideas, and more to keep your holidays feeling personal, creative and original. 


Boiled Wool Mittens

This is a two part workshop to make cosy, warm mittens with our lovely European boiled wool. We have lots of colours to choose from. Come in and pick out your wool and flannel lining before the class.

Part 1 - Thursday October 25th 10am - 1pm

Part 2 - Thursday November 1st 10am - 1pm

First you'll learn how to cut and personalize your mittens with some lovely embroidery and hand work (plus a little homework to finish your mitten fronts), then you'll come back to learn how to line and assemble them. 

Note - Fabric is not included in the price of this two part workshop.

Teacher - Shirley Dawson

Tea & Snacks included

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