English Paper Piecing Workshop - March 1st

This workshop covers the basics of English Paper Piecing, a technique where you create complex and interesting designs with perfect points every time!  But the process is much easier than it looks - and we are going to learn some great tips!
The most familiar shape used in EPP is the cute, little hexagon, but we will learn to make a variety of different shapes and designs including squares, pentagons and octagons.
Topics to be covered include template options, template preparation, fabric selection, rapid fire cutting techniques, basting methods and block construction. We will look at design options for creating a wall hanging, pillow or a full size quilt.
Taught by Karen Howes
"I began making quilts almost 40 years ago and am primarily self-taught. From the beginning I was attracted to complex designs and quickly realized that I didn't have the time, patience or skill to make these quilts. Having no one around to explain the quilt making "rules", I figured out avenues of no fuss, no muss and no stress. I've developed a number of methods and techniques that allow me to create interesting designs and I share these with you in my workshops and on my blog; Faeries and Fibres."
Thursday March 1st 10am - 4pm   
Lunch and snacks provided
Requirements - This class is suitable for anyone who can sew a simple whip stitch. Even those with minimal sewing experience will be amazed at what they can create!

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