Bohin Vintage Sewing Needle Book

Choose from 3 different Needle Book Covers each celebrating a different era of sewing history. 
Each needle book contains the same assortment of Bohin needles all made of high quality nickel steel making them strong and smooth for seamless stitches
The assortment includes embroidery needles, tapestry needles, straw needles, darning needles and sharps and is pretty on the inside as it is on the outside!
You have the choice of 1920's Deep Green Cover featuring Solange, the 1930's Mint Green cover featuring Edwige or the 1950's lavender cover featuring Marlene
(all contain the same assortment of needles)


Made in their factory in France, the needles go through 27 manufacturing stages to ensure their high quality.

Which one is your favourite?