200 Embroidered Flowers

200 Embroidered Flowers

by Kristen Gula

This colorful hand embroidery how-to book is the perfect introduction book for beginners and contains plenty of valuable tips & tricks to help anyone develop a deep love for modern floral hand embroidery!

200 Embroidered Flowers includes:

+ Complete list of supplies needed to start your hand embroidery journey!

+ Seven (7) stitch tutorials including whipped back stitch & french knot!

+ Two (2) embroidery pattern transfer methods!

+ 200 different floral/foliage/plant embroidery patterns including tropical and desert plants, wildflowers, fruits and vegetables and more!

+ Ten (10) embroidery projects (to go further with what you learn with the book) including tutorials such as embroidered shirt collars, shoes, appliqués, iron-on patches and more!