LDH 6.5" Soft Handled Craft Scissors


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LDH Soft Handled 6½" Scissors

These Soft Handled Craft Scissors feature large, ambidextrous handles made from recycled (and recyclable!) rubberized plastic. The handles are soft to the touch, lightweight, and malleable. They were originally designed and inspired by a sewing studio in Toronto, Canada that specializes in teaching children.


The scissors are designed with safety in mind, protecting wandering fingers in sewing bags or kits from being nicked; the included safety cap also reduces the chance of the blades breaking or chipping if they are dropped. They measure 6.5" from the tip of the blade to the bottom of the handle.

Recommended Use

They're great to use with knitting, crochet, macrame, weaving, embroidery, and light to heavyweight fabric trimming.

We use these all-around scissors at the shop - and love them!