Hedgehog Sewing Box


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A highly functional sewing box that conveys Japan’s “kawaii” culture!

The story behind the development of this product comes from the concept of “kawaii,” or the unique culture of cuteness in Japan. Upon seeing “kawaii” artwork of a panda motif created by a local felt textile artist, the company came up with the idea of creating a panda pincushion and asked the artist to produce it. However, because there were people who said they felt bad to stick pins into a panda, a hedgehog was finally chosen as a perfect motif for the pincushion. This sewing box conveys the hope of the manufacturer to introduce Japan’s “kawaii” culture to the world and also create an opportunity for younger generations to learn about the vanishing culture of sewing.

 In Japanese hedgehogs are known as harinezumi, literally speaking 'pin mice'.  In this set the hedgehog fully takes on this identity, acting as the pin cushion.

The hedgehog sewing box is extremely lovely. It has won design awards in Japan including "The Wonder 500" certified product and 2018 "Omotenashi Selection" Product Category Gold Award Winning Product

This cute but practical hedgehog sewing box is packed with tools selected by professionals. This small sewing set is presented in a Paulownia wood box.  The box also contains:

  • A convenient one-touch needle that is easy to thread
  • Five colors of thread can be rewound
  • Scissors that are the smallest Japanese scissors with a total length of 45 mm, but the sharpness is outstanding.
  • Plum-shaped magnet to attach scissors and needles.
  • Hedgehog pincushion that is handmade with wool felt, so each one has a different expression.

Dimensions of box: 3-1/8" x 2-3/8" x 2" (8cm x 6cm, and 5cm)

Made in Japan