The design for Heather's Quilt

Posted on February 24, 2016 by Sylvia Gamble | 0 comments

The colours were decided on and the fabrics all set aside so on to the next fun stage; the design.  I love strip quilts but have only made one; for a good friend's Baby Boy a couple of years ago.  I saw the above photo and it was the inspiration I was looking for.  It is however just that, inspiration as mine is going to be completely different in the end.  However, I needed the seed of an idea, and so it has been planted.  I like the simplicity of the strip quilt and the modern feel too as my niece is, well literally half my age :)

I am making a throw quilt, roughly 50x60" so the width of the fabric will not be enough for the finished strips.  So I will have to seam them together and I will stagger the seams so they will not be one obvious line on the quilt top.   Also I have decided that the strips will not be the same width from one to the other.  The cutting has begun and since it is not quite raining and not quite snowing here I think its a great time to get out the machine and start is what I have so far...

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