A New Quilt...

Posted on February 01, 2016 by Sylvia Gamble | 0 comments

So keeping in mind the idea of fresh starts and new beginnings, I finally have a new quilt project underway.  When I say finally, this quilt was supposed to be a Christmas present for my lovely niece Heather.  She is a very understanding person...

Back in the fall when I had the best intentions of having this quilt wrapped and under the tree I had asked Heather what here favourite colours were.  Turns out she loves blues and greens. Thinking about her personal style and with her colour choices, I have pulled these fabrics from the shelves of Country Clothesline.

I thought it a good idea, to help keep me focused and on track (and this quilt finished before summer arrives) that I would use this blog as a progress report and share with you the process as I go.  My goal for next week is to have the quilt top design figured out.  So, off to dream up Heather's Quilt...

Until then, wishing you a happy and productive week.

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