Decorating with beautiful blues...

Posted on April 06, 2016 by Sylvia Gamble | 0 comments

Blue is timeless and classic.  

Depending on it's shade; it can be refreshing and add energy to your space or it can be calming, restful and peaceful.   For me it is the colours of the sky and mostly the water - the ever changing hues of the water, and the ethereal colours of the beachglass we find by the lake.  

And when it comes to home decor it works for everybody's style.  Whether you like contemporary, coastal, farmhouse, old world, modern country, traditional, French, you name it, you can use it! Great for outdoor decorating too - blue floral cushions on white wicker chairs - perfect!   Here are some great examples

We have our beautiful Symphony Blue Fabric Bundle to get you started on your own Blue discovery...

Symphony Blue Roses Fat Quarter Fabric Bundle by Red Rooster



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